Dozo is a new brand in which would like to share its traditions of tea to the rest of the world with their new product. A product that is simple, innovative, modern and healthy. 

Dozo is a unique bottle which has encapsulated tea that allows for instant enjoyment and tasting of the Matcha by a simple twist of the cap. 

Dozo provides its consumers the purest way to have authentic Japanese tea! How can we expand a small and new brand like Dozo to the European countries while simultaneously maintaining the authenticity of the brand itself?

bouteille nuage case dozo


Once we got the ball running, we distributed the brand all across France, Belgium and the UK, while actively engaging 20k brand ambassadors. Dozo has been fortunate to be invited to dozen of main business shows that promote health and fitness. Along with all of this, Dozo media campaign is in working progress, and will soon be launched.</