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The Kooples Black Out

Unhook to bond better

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To continue to brand the DNA and story of The Kooples by addressing the prism of a modern age couple and how they connect. The m ain modification here is to redefine the word connection to the time of the smartphone.

mockup ui case the kooples blackout


A couple decides to connect in orders to live moments that matter. Doers has creates Black out, a social media for 2, very chic and with the particularity of automatically disconnecting you from the outside world when you trigger its Blackout mode. This mode stops all calls, sms, noises and everything. This application counts the numbers of minutes physically spent together without distractions, it is able to do this by a passive innovative geolocation system between 2 smartphones. Each moment can last forever by associating photos, videos, and music according to their desires of choice.

mockup iphone case the kooples blackout
videoplayer case the kooples blackout


With 100,000 users of the application in the first year and more than 50 spin-offs in the morning TV shows and the press specialized in technology, this application has enabled The Kooples to improve its modern and creative image outside its reference environment.